Rotary Tool + Vacuum

R+V is a rotary tool designed to be stylish, comfortable and more precise when compared to the existing hand tools.


The tool features wireless charging along with a vacuum that does not only save time the user spends cleaning but them in. 


Portable Fabric Steamer

The Charcoal is a portable fabric steamer designed for travelers such as businessmen or women who require fresh and wrinkle-free clothes one the go.


The key feature of Charcoal is a small size, allowing users to fit into their luggage. 

Horizontal Miniature Refrigerator

for Ready-to-Cook Meal Delivery

Ready is a refrigerator for the consumer who subscribes for Ready-to-Cook meal delivery services in a single household.


Ready is compact and can be installed anywhere on a wall, or put in a kitchen cabinet.


The consumer can store the meal kit directly and automatically. Ready check the freshness and distribution period of the food ingredients.