My design is inspired by everyday life. The world is changing rapidly. Our new ideas and thinkings are transforming the world. This change in our world is the motivation for creative design. Social changes, humans emotions, and the value what people seek. I believe that design can reflect these changes more quickly than anything else and makes it comfortable for people. 



Bachelor of Fine Arts

Major/ Industrial Design

Minor/ Fashion

Savannah College of Art and Design

Bachelor of Engineering

Major/ Automotive Engineering

Kongju National University



2019 European Product Design Awards, Honorable Mention


2019 IDA (International Design Awards), Silver and Bronze



Rotary tool + Vacuum - 2018

R+V is a rotary tool designed to fix some of the problem users face with the hand tools in the workshop. The purpose of this is to be stylish, comfortable and more precise when compared to the existing hand tools. The tool features wireless charging along with a vacuum that does not only save time the user spends cleaning but also provides health benefits by sucking in the grind from wood and plastics so that the user does not breathe them in.​

R+V received an Honorable mention from the European Product Design Award 2019.

R+V received Silver Award from the IDA Awards 2019.  


Portable Steamer for clothes - 2018

The Charcoal is a portable fabric steamer designed for travelers such as businessmen or women who require fresh and wrinkle-free clothes on the go. The Steamer incorporates an eco-friendly charcoal filter to removes odors keeping your clothes fresh and perfect. The key feature of Charcoal is a small size, allowing users to fit into their luggage. ​

Charcoal received an Honorable mention from the European Product Design Award 2019.

Charcoal received Bronze Award from the IDA Awards 2019


Horizontal design refrigerator for ready to cook meal delivery 2019

"Ready" is a refrigerator for the consumer who eats a meal box in a single household. This refrigerator is compact and can be installed anywhere on a wall or put in a kitchen cabinet. The consumer can store the meal box directly as a recipe and automatically Ready check the freshness and distribution period of the food ingredients and let the consumer know through the screen, smart device, so the consumer does not have to spend time cleaning the refrigerator separately.